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Because you take responsibility, so do we

With sustainability targets tightening worldwide, you need a partner that shares your responsible approach to global business. Vodafone Global Enterprise has the innovative solutions you need.

Companies face increasing pressure to help society meet serious global challenges - from climate change to poverty. Small wonder governments are challenging multinationals to lead the way by cutting their carbon footprint and innovating to support sustainable development. Those companies that go beyond requirements can reap real business benefits - cutting costs, reaching new markets and gaining a real competitive edge.

Our sustainability strategy

We aim to:

  • Be responsible, ethical and honest in all our activities. We have robust policies and systems to ensure our employees behave responsibly and our suppliers adopt ethical practices.
  • Be eco-efficient - doing more for customers with less by reducing environmental impacts from our operations, products and services. In fact, we've reduced our emissions in developed markets by 9% since 2006/7.
  • Create sustainable societies through low-carbon solutions and innovative development. We forge strong partnerships with customers and other organisations to enhance economic development, improve healthcare and extend access to education.

Minimising our carbon footprint

We're constantly striving to make our operations more energy-efficient - and to capitalise on renewable energy opportunities.

By 2020 we want to have cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 50% - and we're forging joint strategies with key suppliers to do this. We're also providing businesses with 10 million carbon-reducing machine-to-machine (M2M) connections.

And, of course, our mobile flexible working solutions are helping too. Because employees can work efficiently from home and other remote locations, they don't need to travel so extensively.

Greener networks

We're reducing our network emissions by introducing more efficient components in our base stations -even using sun and wind power in some of them. And we're sharing network equipment with other operators too.

Efficient data centres

Growing demands on data centres have increased energy use. We're combating this by introducing more efficient hardware, decommissioning old systems and using virtualisation to optimise the use of servers.

Making our services greener

Minimising the impact of using and disposing of mobile phones and accessories is another key element of our sustainability strategy. That's why we've teamed up with our suppliers to explore how to improve the environmental performance of our products. Now, for example, all Vodafone-branded phones being able to use a universal charger - removing the need for customers to get a new charger every time they change phone.

Recycling mobile phones

We encourage our global business customers to give us their old phones for re-use and recycling. Because facilities are limited in some countries, we've commissioned research in India and Kenya to discover the best way of increasing recycling capacity.

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