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Ensure severe weather conditions do not become a major disruption for your business.

How can you ensure severe weather conditions do not become a major disruption for your business? Be prepared. Here are five practical tips to help employees stay confidently connected if they need to work remotely for an extended period of time.

  1. Make the most of video calls. Do you know whether your employees are aware of all the video applications available to them on their laptops or devices? If these are available, it means there is no need to miss important meetings. People can work face to face with others - irrespective of continents and time-zones – and easily display presentations or documents. Ideally, these applications should be set up before travelling.
  2. Get by without all your device chargers. If you or your employees are stuck for a way to charge a phone or device, most hotel room TVs have USB ports which can be used to recharge gadgets. So no need to plug in through a laptop or find a travel adaptor. In a rush? Switch devices to ‘flight mode’ for a short time and they should charge more quickly, too.
  3. Change of flights? Many airlines can now send a boarding card to a mobile, which can then be scanned by airport staff when you go through to departures and at the gate. So no need to find a printer.
  4. Boost laptop battery life. Operating systems allow a user to switch between different ‘modes’ in order to save on power. Most operating systems offer different ‘power saving’ modes which can help a user squeeze the most from a single charge if they are unable to find somewhere to plug in.
  5. Do your company laptops have SIM cards/dongles installed? If your employees’ computers come equipped with a SIM card or dongle, it means they can get online without needing to find, or pay to access, a Wi-Fi hotspot. If they do have this option, are they aware of it, and would it be a good time to send a reminder?


Ways Vodafone can help keep you confidently connected

Worry-free roaming: With Vodafone Red for Enterprise, you get a self-optimising plan which means your people can work wherever their business takes them. Make the most of unprecedented roaming value in the EU, the USA and on the Vodafone global network.

Accessing your company network: Did you know hackers can set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots which employees could unwittingly log into? Vodafone provides solutions which keep data on devices secure and protect from incoming threats. Find out more about Vodafone Device Manager.

Video conferencing: Our conferencing and collaboration solutions give you the combined benefits of audio, web and video technologies - all in one unified package with mobility at the core.

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