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“Security isn’t just about technology; it’s actually about people, process and technology in that order”. Watch Bryan Littlefair, Vodafone Group Chief Security Officer, discuss his views on securing your ‘things’.

That’s the view of Bryan Littlefair, Vodafone Group Chief Security Officer, who spoke at a recent meeting of industry experts.

He said: “You can invest as much as you want in technology, but you won’t have an effective, secure organisation without the right people, without engaging with your employees and making sure they understand the challenges we face as well. The awareness piece is critical.”

David Fitzpatrick-Grimes, Security Manager at the Tower of London, offered the advice that “you have to plan for everything… good security adds value to any organisation.”

Hear more about planning for security incidents, why criminals look for the easiest target out there and the importance of being ‘on your toes’ as a business – in a video recorded at the event. 

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