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It’s not all about just attending a training session, ticking a box and thinking everything is okay – that was the key message at a recent security event featuring some of the country’s leading minds on the topic.

John Bree, managing director at Deutsche Bank, offered his view on corporate security when he said: “It’s not something that just happens in a training session – it’s every day, it’s constant. It’s not about just putting the programme in place… it’s about living it.”

But it’s certainly not something that should be seen as onerous or even a ‘necessary evil’. Stuart Osborne, Chief Security Officer at BAE Systems Plc, said he feels security is not just a downside of mobility. “It enables organisations to be more confident and to focus on doing their work.”

Hear more about how policies are a balancing act for businesses, how security is like product development and why you can’t ‘outsource’ your reputation – in a video recorded at the event.

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