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Getting the process right

Retail finance business processes (for mortgages, loans, claims etc) can be frustrating: for you and your customers. They’re also a cost burden at a time when resources are already stretched and budgets must be carefully controlled.

So a solution that makes the customer journey through applications as easy and efficient as possible, would be a huge asset.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, Vodafone Process Tracker will:

  • Reduce your operating costs.
  • Help you provide a better and more responsive service to your customers.
  • Put you in control of your customer-facing business processes.

It transforms your customer interaction with an easy-to-use suite of tools that allows your staff to focus on application processing with minimum customer interruption. Importantly, the end-to-end transparency that it provides enables you to improve your processes with intelligent, informed decision making.

Vodafone Process Tracker has some impressive benefits:

  • Stops up to 65% of in-bound calls from customers chasing the progress of their applications, and out-bound calls chasing additional information.
  • Allows you to significantly reduce postal communications.
  • Improves customer service levels.
  • Reduces operational cost, through process efficiencies and increased productivity.
  • Provides business critical, real-time management information.
  • Full ROI within 12 months.

How does it work? Vodafone Process Tracker is an enterprise-level solution that allows you to use a combination of text messaging, email and automatically updated personal web pages to manage your customers and any third parties through the key stages of complex processes.

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