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Technology enables us to connect to people and assets in smarter ways than ever before, but are we making the most of what’s available and what barriers reside in the journey to get ahead of the curve in this rapidly-shifting, ultra-connected world?

In this issue of our quarterly magazine, we explore the relationship between technology and staying connected.

We look at the impact connectivity can have on people and business across both emerging markets and remote communities, explore why it has changed the way people work in the Asia Pacific region, and find out how it has enabled innovation at Thomson Reuters.

Other things covered in this issue are:

  • Solar charging? M-Shwari? Eight stories showing sustainability in action.
  • The future is connected, so what’s stopping enterprises from launching M2M?
  • Infographic: why today’s CIOs need to reach for the painkillers.
  • How social is changing how enterprises think, act and engage.

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