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The combined forces of mobile technologies, cloud-based applications and innovative ways to deliver services are rewriting the rules of economic development. A number of trailblazing advances and initiatives are highlighted in one of the articles in this edition of Transform magazine.

In this issue, we highlight how technology is creating new opportunities for enterprises to grow, be competitive and transform products and services.

We look at the investments we’ve made to strengthen our worldwide fixed capability, find out whether enterprises trust in technology when it comes to keeping their most valuable assets secure, and explore how the latest innovations are making a difference to communities worldwide.

Other things covered in this issue are:

  • Digital shopping, smart meters, and an award winning car sharing service at CeBIT 2013
  • M2M enabled asset tracking in India and mobile patient monitoring in the US
  • Redefining car insurance premiums and location based services Helping millions of motorists worldwide 'take the jam out of traffic' together with TomTom
  • Key pioneering technology moments – a journey by Segway from LaserDisks to virtual reality

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