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Using our own, best-practice solution, we identified that learning more about the performance and efficiency of our telecoms services could help us to improve costs and efficiencies as well as increase overall visibility, for administrative teams and end users.

The first stage of the telecoms management process was to carry out a full audit of our current mobile assets and services. The results were very revealing. Using the data and reporting delivered by the platform, we discovered that unintentional policy breaches (such as employees having connected SIMs that were no longer in use) were creating unnecessary costs.

It was also identified that a significant proportion of employees were using uneconomic, legacy telecoms tariffs and could be switched onto more suitable ones. In addition, a number of services with no identifiable owner were still accruing costs, despite being inactive.

Once they were given access to the end-user Vodafone Telecoms Management platform, our workforce proved willing and able to self-regulate their mobile telecoms usage. Significantly, the process also enabled us to rationalise our US and UK mobile services, as well as define clear ownership amongst the appropriate US and UK business stakeholders.

Like the many other global enterprises that have deployed Vodafone Telecoms Management, our ultimate objective was to improve cost management and deliver long-term strategic insight. To date, we have identified savings opportunities that equate to a significant 16.5% of our annual in-country telecoms bill.

Overall, the telecoms management process has resulted in the enforcement of more efficient internal policies and the ability to monitor costs more proactively.

As a result of this success, we are currently rolling-out Vodafone Telecoms Management across the entire organisation. As well as giving us the important capability to identify expenditure trends and wastage, in the future, the use of this facility will also serve to eliminate day-to-day billing and process questions, saving valuable time and resource across the entire global business.

Achieve end-to-end global telecoms management

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