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How much of your bandwidth is being used and by which applications? Learn how you can evaluate how efficiently the network is being used and the impact of non-mission-critical applications on your business operations.

A key part of achieving optimal performance and efficiency in any endeavour is visibility and control. Visibility is needed to measure how well we are doing and create a strategy for where improvements can be made. To ensure the best results, however, we also need to make sure we are making the right measurements.

Traditionally, IT has focused on an extensive range of metrics to measure network performance. Unfortunately, knowing how efficiently traffic is moving between two routers does not necessarily tell you why your users are experiencing slow responsiveness to their desktop applications. To provide this information you need to have visibility and control above the network and into the application layer.

Optimizing application performance can be overwhelming. IT is experiencing an explosion in the number of applications it has to manage, especially when so many of these applications are moving to the cloud. Many times, IT also doesn’t have a clear understanding of what many of these applications are.

To help IT address this challenge, Vodafone has integrated application visibility and control (AVC) technology directly into its Cisco Powered WAN service. AVC gives IT complete visibility into which applications are running and where. This enables you to accurately determine how much of your bandwidth is being used and by which applications. With this information, you can evaluate how efficiently the network is being used and the impact of non-mission-critical applications on your operations.

AVC also shows how well each application is performing. For example, you can track response time to user inputs and identify applications that are not responding the way they should.

Finally, AVC gives you the tools to control applications and optimize performance through quality of service (QoS). For example, you can still allow access to applications like YouTube but throttle back their allocated bandwidth to prevent them from negatively impacting critical applications. Because AVC is embedded into the core of Vodafone’s WAN service, this gives IT full control no matter where or how users connect.

Optimizing network performance is important. When combined with AVC, however, you’ll be able to optimize your network around what your users care about most: their applications.

VODAFONE GROUP PLC is the first partner to achieve Cisco Powered Service designation for Application as a Service (AXaaS), and the first provider in the world to deliver AVC globally.

By Alex Connors, Head of Fixed Connectivity Services, Vodafone Global Enterprise.

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