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A deeper level of protection

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication offers a deeper level of risk scoring to verify transactions. It enhances the way you verify all your domestic and cross-border transactions for both card present (CP) and card not present (CNP) transactions. It enables you to effectively manage fraud, while substantially reducing the number of cards blocked unnecessarily (false positives) so delivering an improved user experience to your cardholders.

Our service uses location data, which is a hugely valuable indicator of risk. If the customer’s phone and their card are in close proximity during a transaction, it is probably genuine and this information can help you substantially reduce false negatives and false positives.

Works with your systems

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication works seamlessly with current fraud-management systems. It covers subscribers of all mobile network operators and, through the use of advanced mobile Analytics, can enhance your risk scoring even if the customer has left their phone at home.

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication can make a meaningful and significant impact on the day-to-day operations of financial institutions, reducing risk and improving security, privacy and data protection.

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Assess risk more accurately

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication captures location information directly from the cardholder’s mobile network. Based on the use of advanced analytics technology and the proximity of the cardholder's mobile phone to the card transaction, it delivers a more refined and accurate assessment of risk.

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication is a fully hosted and managed service so there's no need to install any third-party software or hardware. We work with your technical staff and fraud team to establish the simplest integration route. The service is transparent and non-intrusive to the customer, requiring no action on their part such as answering calls, responding to text messages, receiving one-time-passwords or notifying their card issuer of impending travel.

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication complements and works seamlessly with current fraud-management systems, including FICO Falcon, TSYS CardGuard, SAS Fraud Manager and ACI Proactive Risk Manager.

Global solution

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication can identify false positives and fraudulent transactions for all end-users, irrespective of where they are in the world and what mobile network their phone is using. They don’t even have to be Vodafone subscribers.

All data submitted to Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication for generating a fraud risk score is considered confidential information, owned and controlled by the card issuer. Vodafone Mobile Enhanced Authentication complies with the inherent security requirements of the banking industry and is therefore located in a Tier 4 rated secure hosting centre accredited to ISO 27001 standards.

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