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Business Need

Healthcare providers in emerging markets face limited resources and shortages of trained medical personnel. In areas without enough doctors and nurses, healthcare trusts in South Africa use community-based caregivers to provide support. Using these valuable resources efficiently and effectively is critical. And with over 100,000 community caregivers working throughout South Africa, monitoring their work and handling the paperwork from their visits is difficult and time consuming.

The Solution

Vodafone is working together with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the South African Ministry of Health, to overcome the challenges of monitoring and managing caregivers’ work through the Nompilo service. Nompilo is an end-to-end monitoring and evaluation solution part of Vodafone mHealth Solutions’ Access to Medicine area. Nompilo removes the need for excessive paperwork by enabling community caregivers to upload patient information directly to web-based servers via their mobile phones. It also provides a managerial platform, enabling the healthcare providers to track and respond to common issues encountered by caregivers.

Customer benefits

  • Improved levels of care: Nompilo enables healthcare providers to allocate their resources more efficiently, monitor caregivers’ work and improve the level of support for communities.
  • Reduced costs: The system reduces the administrative burden on healthcare providers and better, timelier information allows managers to identify inefficiencies and reallocate resources so community caregivers’ time and skills are used more effectively.
  • Issue identification: Information supplied via mobile networks allows healthcare providers to quickly identify and address issues when they arise without the delays associated with paper-based systems.
  • Clear information: Geographical mapping and standardised entry systems improve the data available for managers, enabling them to identify trends and issues.
  • Improved security: Data from caregivers is logged into the central system immediately, eliminating the risk of lost paper activity reports.