Mobile Security and the enterprise

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As enterprises adopt mobile flexible working and smartphone devices as a strategy to achieve greater collaboration, innovation and productivity, mobile security is becoming increasingly important.

A new report by mobile security firm AdaptiveMobile has shown cybercriminals increasingly switching their focus to mobile phones.

A number of handsets have been targeted and, whilst most enterprises are aware and prepared for the threats that PC-based viruses, spam messages and phishing emails pose, many are still unaware of the risks associated with their mobile devices.

Whilst most of these attacks by cybercriminals -such as the recent Trojan campaign are fairly simple in design and execution, many security analysts expect more complex scams that will exploit smartphone weaknesses for industrial espionage and the theft of corporate data.

As well as device security and management, enterprises also need to consider mobile network security and business continuity as key parts of their mobility strategy. In response, Vodafone Global Enterprise has developed a range of solutions to tackle these key mobility issues.

Vodafone Device Manager is an innovative online management tool that allows businesses to understand the mobile devices they have and ensure that they are secure and conform to corporate policies. In addition to being able to audit devices remotely and keep them up-to-date, if a mobile device containing confidential information is lost or stolen, it can be remotely locked anywhere in the world at any time of the day and the contents completely erased.

Connectivity and security is covered by Vodafone Secure Remote Access. It enables a single way of connecting securely to enterprise networks, whether it’s via wireless broadband or fixed-line access. It’s a long term connectivity and security platform that works alongside existing security infrastructures to control the management of remote workers.

In the case of BlackBerrys, used by many enterprises, Vodafone Neverfail for BlackBerry protects and proactively monitors an entire BlackBerry environment. It ensures that users stay connected to their mobile email applications at all times, regardless of whether a failure or outage occurs in the operating system, hardware component, software application, or somewhere within the network.

Remote working has many benefits, but it also presents risks. With the rapid uptake of mobile data in most organisations and greater use of mobilised applications, confidential data is potentially vulnerable. Vodafone Global Enterprise has developed solutions which are designed to keep an enterprise’s architecture fully operational and safe.