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The modern enterprise landscape is evolving rapidly, leaving the least dynamic businesses at risk of falling behind their competitors. Yet, for those prepared to embrace change by reacting to global trends and leveraging technological advancements, the opportunities can be immense.

More than ever, success in the current climate involves innovating products and services to stay ahead of your competition. The most forward-thinking firms are collaborating with product and service providers to enable and transform their existing capabilities through technology and innovation in their specialist sectors. This, in turn, opens numerous innovative ways to drive fresh revenue streams.

In some cases, the most significant opportunity is to drive innovation of existing communications products or services, while in others it will involve developing new products, services or customer engagement channels. Already, enterprises are realising the competitive advantages that can be achieved. A major medical products services company, for instance, succeeded in transforming patient experience through remotely monitored and managed healthcare.

It developed a solution which successfully enables patients to undergo treatment at home, making more effective use of hospital resources, enhancing the treatment experience for the patient and improving their adherence to the appropriate medical regime.

In the utilities sector, leading energy retailers have radically improved their ability to remotely monitor and manage the domestic energy grid. This has resulted in improved visibility of energy usage and accurate billing from real-time smart meter readings.

Other areas in which Vodafone Global Enterprise has enabled customer innovations include a complete comprehensive connected vehicle solution for any vehicle insurance provider and a real-time traffic information capability for a leading SatNav manufacturer.

From analytics-driven services based on location and demographic data to simplified management tools and interfaces for users and connected products tailored to customers’ behaviour and devices, the potential to drive innovation and accelerate business performance is limitless. The time to seize these opportunities is now.

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