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The use of mobile devices, increased collaboration, geo-location services and embedded m2m devices has the potential to provide an enterprise with the data and business intelligence to transform their business.

For example, m2m enables a device such as a vending machine to advise its service centre if there’s a fault or it needs new supplies. By remotely interrogating the fault, service staff can ensure they’re equipped to respond quickly and effectively. Site visits can be rationalised and staff time used more effectively, improving the service response time. If you project this model across an enterprise that manages hundreds of thousands of vending machines, the potential operational benefits become obvious.

Whilst the communication innovations already exist for this type of application, a key component is data management. As data increases across the enterprise, more CIOs are investigating master data management (MDM). MDM is focused at solving the problem of inconsistent versions of important data at the centre of an enterprise.

MDM is a process that ensures the uniformity, accuracy, management and semantic consistency of an enterprise's master data sets. Once an accurate master data set is established, businesses can create consistency, risk management, analysis and business intelligence opportunities across the business.

It also enables the CIO to use APIs to build customised applications for specific parts of the business, making business more agile, improving business performance and increasing revenue.

MDM is more than just a data warehouse or ERP suite. It takes data to the next level, providing near real-time consistent data across the business as opposed to data being held in separate data warehouse silos.

As the Internet of Things and m2m create vast new data streams, it is no surprise that Oracle, CSC, Microsoft and IBM are all actively offering new MDM services to enterprise customers.

A successful MDM strategy is heavily dependent on a robust and global telecommunications infrastructure for both fixed line and mobile connections. Vodafone Global Enterprise can offer a totally managed service for all parts of this process, backed up by SLAs, transparent pricing, security and dedicated account teams. Vodafone also offers proven unique expertise in mobile innovation.

The real-time adaptive enterprise is approaching. Are you ready?