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Many organisations are now seeking trusted third-party providers to host and manage their mobile infrastructure. Vodafone Managed BlackBerry Services ensures consistent, high-availability for a range of international enterprises.

Managing mobility can be a logistical nightmare for IT: The diversity of operating systems, devices, charging models and the growing trend towards ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) require time and resources to manage – at a time when budgets are restricted and the expectations of the modern, international workforce are higher than ever.

Whether they are at home, work or visiting clients, today’s professionals rely on the highest levels of availability and reliability from their mobile email. To keep pace with the needs and expectations of the workforce and the fast-changing mobile environment, whilst also ensuring close control of IT budgets, many organisations are now opting to have their mobile infrastructure hosted and managed by a trusted third-party provider.

Vodafone Managed BlackBerry Services is one of the most comprehensive Managed Mobility solutions available and ensures consistent, high-availability for a range of international enterprises.

Using a suite of services, Managed BlackBerry Services improves the administration, service and management of a customer’s BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) infrastructure, supporting business applications such as mobile email, calendars and contacts.

The choice of remote managed or fully hosted and outsourced BES solutions reduces the need to manage the service in-house and is specifically designed to minimise the usual complications of outsourcing to a third-party. The simple ‘per user per month’ charging model also includes helpdesk-to-helpdesk managed support services, covering day-to-day requests for new devices, change of model and upgrades, lost devices and change of ownership.

Managed BlackBerry Services assumes responsibility for full end-to-end infrastructure and service for the BES, ensuring 24 hour high-availability that’s backed by an agreed global Service Level Agreement. The cost of internal IT is reduced and staff are free to focus on the needs of the business – rather than its infrastructure.

Regardless of the mobile connectivity provider, Vodafone’s extensive expertise in the hosting and management of business-critical BlackBerry enterprise environments not only reduces the burden on the business but can also support the implementation of new device management strategies. As a result, it becomes possible to make a smoother, managed transition to a new world of operating systems, charging models and devices.

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