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A lifecycle management approach - a 7 step process to ensure you get the most out of your Tablet PC strategy.


Getting ahead with a tablet strategy for your enterprise will yield great benefits. You’ll demonstrate your innovative approach to enterprise communications; vital for attracting a new generation of talent. You’ll be able to enforce corporate security and application policies on devices. And you’ll improve productivity and collaboration with greater access to the right information, when and where it counts.

The 7 stages

1. Selection   Choose which devices best suit your user profiles and use cases to ensure you derive maximum benefit from your investment in tablets
2. Order and Fulfilment   Procurement and shipment of your devices globally
3. Activation and Configuration   Simplifying the activities to end users connected to corporate data services
4. Security   Staying in control of your corporate data independent of either corporate or individual ownership
5. Payment Models   Choosing the payment models to suit your budget requirements
6. Support   Enterprise grade support for hardware and software
7. Upgrade   Ensuring your business is ready for future upgrades in line with evolving product developments and business need


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