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Tablets have captured the imagination of employees and IT teams alike - but what are the productivity and collaboration needs for these users in large enterprises?


Whether your adoption programme is targeted at enterprise-owned or employee owned tablets, you’ll be able to meet the needs of three important stakeholder groups:

" By 2014 it is estimated that 70% of employees will access company data from outside their office."

IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009-2013 Forecasts

End users want to

  • Enjoy their tablets for both work and personal activities
  • Have instant access to data held on and off the device
  • Personalise with appropriate applications
  • Perform personal tasks in privacy where they have no impact on the enterprise
  • Bring their personal self-funded devices into the workplace

Central IT wants to

  • Have visibility of who and how users are connecting to and storing corporate data
  • Reduce (or at least avoid increasing) support costs
  • Deliver corporate sponsored projects to specific functional groups
  • Reduce complexity of operational processes including support
  • Deliver hardware and services in countries you do business
  • Ensure access to the corporate network is secure

Finance wants to

  • Have predictable and competitive usage costs
  • Control roaming usage
  • Be provided with visibility of exceptional cost occurrences
  • Have the option to reduce hardware CAPEX investment

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