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Tablets and smartphones are replacing the demand for laptops and PC’s. We examine how enterprise business managers can keep international data roaming costs under control.

The use of tablets and smartphones is replacing the demand for laptops and PC’s. A major challenge for enterprise business managers is to manage the costs associated with international data-roaming alongside the increasing use of mobile devices. For example, some operators that allow data roaming on their smartphones or tablet plans charge at least £1 per MB for data accessed overseas.

For multinational companies the issues mount up. If you’re a UK based company and have operations throughout Europe, how do you handle the roaming needs of your staff, and also, the multiple contracts, data tariffs and plans you need across Europe?

Vodafone Global Enterprise offers a competitive service and price bundle targeted at selected customers across Europe. The service bundle includes voice, smartphones and tablets, and reduces and simplifies roaming costs, giving business travellers 24/7 access to use their mobile devices without fear of excessive charges. The service is available when travelling within the European Vodafone countries: UK; Germany; Netherlands; Spain; Portugal; Italy; Ireland; Greece; Romania; Hungary; Czech Republic; Malta. Depending on the country in which the customer has its headquarters, it is also available in: France; Belgium; Austria; Switzerland.

Managing the international roaming costs of deploying tablets and smartphones in the enterprise is not the only issue; there are operational challenges as well:

  • Procurement and provisioning - How will you purchase devices? Who do you provide devices to? How do you manage connection or service plan charges?

  • Apps - What apps do employees download to support their work? Can you promote the right apps to the right users? Do apps integrate with the corporate applications of non-tablet users?

  • Security - How can you make data on a tablet inaccessible? How do you make remote access secure?

  • Training and support - How can expert tablet support be integrated in existing enterprise arrangements?

For this reason Vodafone Global Enterprise offer a suite of services, designed around optimising enterprise mobility. VGE is here to advise, plan and deliver for you not only hardware and connectivity but provide visibility and control of your global smartphone and tablet estate.

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