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Research studies indicate that many business travellers switch off their mobile data connections when abroad. We examine how this represents not only huge inconvenience for business travellers but also a significant loss in potential revenue for operators.

A number of research studies indicate that 40% of business travellers switch off their mobile data connections when abroad due to the perception that mobile data roaming is expensive. This represents not only huge inconvenience for business travellers but also a significant loss in potential revenue for operators. This situation is shifting. Governments worldwide are currently driving regulatory changes to reduce data roaming tariffs and increase competition.

Executives in multinationals attend meetings in different countries. All need access to corporate intranets and the ability to communicate through e-mail, smartphone and other media to stay productive. The analyst firm Informa predicts that mobile data usage is set to rapidly accelerate driving the international data roaming market to grow 86% over the next five years, with revenues of $67bn by 2015.

The enterprise market generates about 65% of total roaming revenue, and operators are now focusing on developing value added services, customer engagement initiatives and flexible pricing models for enterprise customers that encourage usage and improve the user experience. But mobile operators face considerable challenges in how to implement and market mobile data roaming.

Key value added services are device management tools for security, business intelligence tools for cost analysis and preferences and a robust inter-operator roaming application for revenue settlement.

Vodafone Global Enterprise is well positioned to service the data roaming needs of multinational companies. Vodafone offers a competitive service and price bundle targeted at selected customers with offices and employees across Europe. The service bundle includes voice, smartphones and laptops, and reduces and simplifies roaming costs, giving business travellers within Europe more freedom to use their mobile devices without fear of excessive charges.

The service is available when travelling within the European Vodafone countries: UK; Germany; Netherlands; Spain; Portugal; Italy; Ireland; Greece; Romania; Hungary; Czech Republic; Malta. Depending on the country in which the customer has its headquarters, it is also available in: France; Belgium; Austria; Switzerland.

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Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

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