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Political upheaval, economic uncertainty, accelerated technological innovation: perpetual business transformation is becoming the norm. So what’s the best way to keep up with the continuous pace of change?

The speed at which an organisation can adapt to change and transform determines the winners and losers more than ever before in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.

But how do enterprises shift from playing continuous catch-up to becoming an agile Ready Business? The disparity between the most and least Ready Businesses should be a concern for any enterprise if they are to avoid getting left behind.

There are four key lessons we can all take from the businesses best at adapting:

  1. Be responsive

    Commit to listening to your customers and adapting your behaviour to drive better customer relationships and outcomes. 46 per cent of Ready Businesses believe that multi-channel interactions with customers are critical.

  2. Put people first

    Recognise the value of employees and partners in driving business agility. The most Ready Businesses place greater value on their people and partners, with 69 per cent believing internal talent is critically important.

  3. Get connected

    Exploit connectivity to the full. The most successful businesses are more aware of, and focused on, the potential of modern IT and communications to increase business flexibility. In particular, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications is moving into the spotlight – 40 per cent of Ready Businesses believe M2M is critical for operational efficiency.

  4. Be open-minded

    Think broadly and embrace IT innovation. More than 90 per cent of Ready Businesses feel fully confident about the readiness of their IT organisations to handle changing business needs, reinforcing the importance of IT as a determinant in readiness.