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Managing telecommunications in the enterprise is a complex challenge for many businesses, not only from a technology perspective, but also financial. Here we explore ways CFOs are using global providers to simplify and optimise their telecoms services.

Is data a growing problem?

Telecommunications is often cited as one of the most complex areas of the modern enterprise. Businesses may have to manage multiple global mobile tariffs, fixed line providers and maintain physical infrastructure. This is not only an issue for IT departments, but for the company CFO understanding the true costs of business telecommunications can be a challenge.

Gartner predicts that telecoms spend now typically forms between 10-20 per cent of overall business IT budgets1. Increasingly enterprises are turning to global telecommunications partners to help them consolidate their various disparate telecoms services. The unified model means businesses only receive one bill and can negotiate a single global contract with preferential rates.

Using a single global provider also increases a business’s operational agility. CFOs are given access to powerful telecoms management tools that provide the insight required to see precisely where savings can be made. They will be able to see detailed inventories for the services they are using which they can use to accurately benchmark costs. Real-time data on usage and expenditure will also empower the CFO to make better informed decisions.

By gathering insight into overall telecoms spends by country, business unit and even user, CFOs can more easily identify overspends and isolate services and devices that are defunct or underused. Steps can then be taken to minimise unexpected usage and avoid unpredicted costs: reducing waste, duplication and inconsistencies in the process.

Using one global supplier also puts organisations in a position to leverage economies of scale and better negotiate contracts. Businesses can harmonise tariffs across regions and streamline the procurement process.

Telecommunications innovations

Maintaining and upgrading expensive self-owned telecoms infrastructure is also a major cost to enterprises. For multi-national organisations maintaining something like a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) can be very expensive and capex intensive. This investment only increases as the business continues to expand into new markets and regions.

Much of these costs can be avoided by switching to a cloud based unified solution. By outsourcing PBX services to a third party the business removes the need for capex expenditure and takes the burden of maintenance, planned or otherwise, away from the company.

Intelligent call routing is driving business efficiency and ensures employees are better connected. This system ensures that phone calls are routed as efficiently as possible. Using this system the business can guarantee that calls will always arrive on the lowest cost medium and employee’s personal productivity is improved as they miss fewer calls.

Working with a global communications partner means businesses are able to simplify and scale their communications. CFOs also get something they value immensely; predictability. Any chief financial officer who oversees multiple budgets will appreciate working with a partner who can provide a simple transparent solution that prevents ‘bill shock’ and enables them to accurately forecast budgets.

Unified, cloud-based communications has the potential to benefit all areas of the enterprise, but for CFOs it represents a significant opportunity to drive efficiency and savings to boost the bottom line.

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