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Increasingly companies are looking to expand into emerging and previously untapped regions. More than ever businesses are facing unique connectivity challenges and need agile communications networks that can grow as quickly as they do. Satellite is proving it is a useful tool to support critical business functions across the world.

Every business is unique as are its communications needs. Whether it’s a national bank in Africa or a technology firm in the heart of London, having a connected workforce and reliable communications are vital.

Making sure your business is using the right communications technology is the role of a responsible communications provider. For the most part communications needs can be met with optical fibre connections or standard 3G and 4G networks. Sometimes, however, these technologies are not suitable for remote sites, and there may be exceptional circumstances where these networks cannot be deployed.

When these situations arise, businesses need to look for a service provider who has access to the right mix of technologies, a mix that will enable them to maintain seamless communications across their business. One of the most effective solutions that a communications provider can deploy in these situations is satellite. Although satellite has been used for decades it is still often the best technology for connecting the most remote or unconnected parts of the globe,both simply and quickly.

The right communications where you need it

Businesses are using satellite technology for a number of reasons but chiefly it is for connecting remote areas that other networks can’t reach. Satellite is regularly deployed in the oil industry aboard off–shore oil rigs to enable workers to maintain a reliable connection to the mainland.

In parts of developing nations where communications infrastructure is lacking, satellite has provided the ideal communications solution. While many businesses use satellite as a back-up or temporary fix, some rely on satellite as the principle communications technology. For example, African banks use satellite to support critical infrastructure and services. Equally, a business looking to expand in emerging markets may turn to satellite as a way of enabling communications in remote areas.

Even in countries where fixed line and mobile networks are pervasive there are occasions when satellite is the most suitable solution. Satellite is regularly deployed at key utility infrastructures such as pump stations or reservoirs. It is critical that these sites are connected and monitored at all times, but installing fixed communications often isn’t economically viable. Satellite provides a reliable, cost efficient alternative.

The right communications when you need it

It’s not just remote locations that benefit from satellite. It is being put to use in the heart of modern cities as well. Retailers moving into new premises want to get up and running as soon as possible, this means being connected. They will sometimes choose to deploy a portable satellite solution for a fixed period of time before they can be connected by other means. This can start right from the building stage to create connected construction sites and continue to support the processing of sales when the store opens.

While satellite is a useful communications tool in its own right, it also serves well as part of a hybrid solution. Satellite provides businesses with a flexible network that is suitable for IP VPN traffic, public internet traffic, data circuits and more. In fact it can be used for nearly anything a normal WAN connection would be used for, including VoIP. In cities and towns where planning permission or other factors prevent terrestrial lines from being installed, satellite can act as a way to bridge the ‘last mile’ connectivity problem.

For businesses facing unique connectivity challenges, or companies undergoing rapid expansion that need their communications network to grow as quickly as they do, satellite is proving it is still a useful tool to support critical business functions across the world.

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