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One important benefit of moving to cloud is the ability to more easily predict and manage IT costs of on-demand services. However, it can be extremely difficult to control costs when pricing is unpredictable.

This is especially important for organizations undergoing fast expansion where unexpected or hidden costs can quickly escalate into a budgetary crisis.

For example, many organizations are finding more of their user base becoming increasingly mobile. To support desktop applications, a 4G link is typically required. When users travel, unexpected roaming charges can add up quickly. In addition, users on the go can consume more data than they usually do, leading to overage charges.

Ideally, unifying your communications needs to not only simplify management but also simplify and clarify pricing. Vodafone understands this and provides Unified Communication (UC) services designed to enable you to work the way you want, to stay connected on the move, and be able to take your office abroad.

Vodafone achieves this by removing restrictions and self-optimizing pricing. For example, roaming charges are eliminated by providing both landline and mobile services at a fixed cost. Your pricing is also self-optimized. Minutes and data are available in bundles and, if you use more than your bundle provides, you are automatically moved to the next tier. Rather than pay a penalty through overcharges, you are instead given the service you need at the best cost basis.

We can also save you on operating costs. Built on Cisco-validated architectures, our Cisco Powered UC service can help you streamline your organization. For example, one of our customers, a major provider of HR services, was able to consolidate hundreds of locations down to thirty. It also untethered users from their desks while extending them full capabilities. We can also improve your productivity with our Cisco Powered Host Collaboration Service.

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