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Today’s global enterprises require seamless business communications that will boost employee productivity and business growth and enable them to operate with greater efficiency. Essentially, this requires high-quality communications that will support the business and its users, wherever they operate

Common trends driving this requirement include the increasing globalisation of markets and businesses, globally dispersed teams and project working. Greater fragmentation of global suppliers as well as the upsurge in global outsourcing and offshore provision also requires the latest, most reliable global communications capabilities.

Currently serving the wide-ranging requirements of 1,500 global enterprises, Vodafone Global Enterprise delivers this high-quality communications provision. Our consolidated communications service removes the need to juggle different suppliers, contracts, currencies and service level agreements (SLAs) because it is delivered via a simple, single partner approach.

Vodafone Global Enterprise also provides predictable pricing models and unprecedented roaming value for enterprise mobility services. With communications often accounting for an organisation’s most significant cost, a unified approach to collaborative technologies can result in significant savings.

We’re also committed to ensuring the best communications experience wherever you do business, while our global coverage ensures seamless connectivity that fits any communications footprint.

The business advantages brought about by this industry-leading approach have consistently set Vodafone Global Enterprise apart from other communications providers. They have also led industry analysts to consistently recognise our advanced and continually evolving value proposition, the wide-reaching capabilities of our professional services and our extensive managed mobility services experience.