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The continuing effect of consumerism in the modern workplace is changing the communications landscape. Busy professionals are no longer accepting separate work and personal devices and are eager to make the most of the vast choice of smartphones, tablets and operating systems now available.

In many cases, employees are also choosing to do business outside of office hours and away from business premises, increasing reliance on flexible working tools.

For employers, these widespread global trends present both opportunities and challenges. Most organisations are keen to allow staff to use their choice of devices but are anxious that corporate data is not compromised.

While control is undoubtedly important, the ideal scenario for enterprises is to empower people to choose their preferred technology at work – and operate in a way that works for them.

Enterprises can achieve this goal by establishing a policy that creates the best environment for workers to succeed, with important advantages for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Other ways that can drive advantage in the current, multi-device environment include a best-practice approach to device and application management and controlled access to corporate data. This important capability brings the security, visibility and control that can otherwise be lacking in an unsupported corporate ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy.

Specialist third-party providers can also optimise the budget and apply the most suitable pricing model for the organisation. This can be backed up with full end-user support, minimising downtime and ensuring optimum productivity.

Already, multinational enterprises are making the most of the latest device management platforms and managed mobility capabilities. The bottom line is that effective strategies are available today for any business to empower employees with the communications technology of their choice.

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