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This article discusses why a managed end-to-end service makes digital retail execution applications easy to implement and operate, whilst improving workforce performance and giving companies a competitive edge.

Good retail execution requires an understanding of exactly what is happening throughout the organisation, from the warehouse to distribution, stores, pop-up shops and other outlets right through to head office. When combined with mobile communication and collaboration technologies, modern retail execution applications offer significant potential to achieve this goal by improving the speed and efficiency with which information is gathered and made available.

Rather than using different cumbersome devices and documents to gather and analyse data, it’s now possible for retail execution specialists to carry out all their key tasks using a single application-enabled smartphone or tablet. This one connected device is not only more convenient for the user, more cost-effective for the business than a combination of laptops, ruggedised devices, but also gives the sales representative the time they need to have a richer conversation with the retailer

A managed end-to-end service from Vodafone Global Enterprise provides access to market-leading retail execution application along with global network coverage, fixed operational costs and centralised support.

Real-time information is communicated back to the organisation and available for use in business-critical analytics activities right away. Back-end processes are reduced and suppliers have the time and data they need to check the stock velocity of individual SKUs, compile accurate, instantaneous financial and management reports, and quickly take any remedial action that is necessary.

Using this information enables the user to make more informed business decisions in the field, while the real-time data they gather is fed-into the business, providing the organisation with access to up-to-date and accurate stock information. With these crucial facts at their fingertips, suppliers and retailers can monitor in-store activity and dramatically reduce the likelihood of poor on-shelf availability resulting in lost sales.

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