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Take a closer look at just two of the ways we are helping customers transform their businesses by controlling roaming costs and driving communication efficiency.

Our customers tell us that they need innovative, yet practical communications solutions that help them get ahead of the game. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the solutions and services we offer you.

Take a closer look at just two of the ways we are helping customers transform their businesses by controlling costs and driving efficiency.

Controlling costs with visibility and flexibility

As businesses centralise ICT costs visibility of accurate and current information becomes a prime concern.

Our customers require the tools and control to centrally manage global mobile spend across multiple providers and manage the complexity associated with multiple mobile tariff structures. They are looking to reduce the time and cost associated with managing global communications.

Spend Manager Professional is a reporting tool with functionality far superior to any other proposition in the market.

With a clearer view of your usage and spend information, you will be able to take a more strategic approach to your mobile communications.

It provides you with:

  • Enhanced visibility of your mobile spend AND invoices related to mobile communications
  • Access to detailed information about usage
  • Visibility of spend across multiple providers
  • Data presentation using standardised mobile terminology

All delivered through an online portal which is intuitive, easy to use and secure. Providing you with the flexibility to view, interrogate and report on global mobile usage and spend data from reporting systems across the Vodafone global footprint – and you can access remotely from anywhere in the world. Achieve granularity of information down to call level detail and individuals phone numbers. Spend Manager Professional really does put you in control.

Open lines of communication

Remote workers, dispersed global teams, differing time zones how do you ensure open lines of communication regardless of geographic barriers and time zone differences.

In a business environment where productivity and cost efficiency are top of the corporate agenda you need to know that your global teams have the ability to communicate clearly without the cost implications of global travel.

Reduced travel time, transport costs and hydrocarbon emissions, as well as faster decision making and a more cohesive company culture can all be achieved with Vodafone Conference Solutions.

A proven, cost effective way of reducing travel and travel related costs, improving the effectiveness of flexible working initiatives, ensuring business continuity and minimising impact on the environment sounds like the ideal business solution? And it is.

Our Vodafone Conferencing portfolio includes tools for launching and managing virtual conferences for ad hoc meetings, training sessions and interactive product demonstrations. Furthermore, our global footprint means that your conferencing solutions will be identical worldwide. This means that regardless of the country you are operating in, you can enjoy the same features, functionality, quality of service and support when you’re running your ‘virtual’ events. Allowing your teams them to work together as if they were in the same room.

A combination of audio, web and video conferencing tools gives you the opportunity to reduce unnecessary travel and related costs, cut the amount of time employees spend away from the office, gain easy access to experts or employees in remote location and increase your corporate contributions to environmental protection.

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