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Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, describes the demographic group born from the 1980s to the early 2000s. This group has grown up with mobile phones, instant communication and the Internet and is totally immersed in social networks.

These younger workers can bring a number of valuable capabilities to the workplace, as they have positive collaborative human intelligence, are used to rapid change and innovation and use technologies in new and exciting ways.

As older workers leave, organisations have recognised the urgent strategic requirement for agile cloud-based computing platforms and managed communications that will offer a mobile flexible working lifestyle for their global group of Generation Y employees.

In response, managed communications essentially offers a single platform for voice, video, data and email in both fixed and mobile environments, creating high productivity and increased collaboration.

Generation Y has a very different work culture from previous generations. They are used to instant information, connectivity, mobility and multi-tasking. They also prefer inter-dependence over independence. In other words, they prefer to collaborate with colleagues instead of working on their own. They work best in teams.

Generation Y also naturally comfortable with multiple types of technology and this makes them an excellent source of technological innovation - especially where they can collaborate with the internal IT teams to create apps and mashups to increase business productivity and processes.

Mashups have an active role in the evolution of social software and Web 2.0, with mashup composition tools that are usually simple enough to be used by end-users. These tools are contributing to a new vision of the Web, where Generation Y is able to build applications.

As a result, an enterprise that implements a managed communications strategy can harness this new working mentality to gain competitive advantage.

Vodafone Global Enterprise is Vodafone's specialist enterprise communications organisation, delivering managed communications to empower multinational corporates and help them stay agile and competitive. It is an ideal partner for an enterprise looking to mobilise the innovation and energy of their Generation Y workforce.

The Vodafone Global Enterprise approach is built on simplifying the management of communications, giving customers a new level of visibility and control. It exploits seamless managed communications, with mobility at the core, to enable global enterprises achieve more with less and apply relevant innovation to help customers transform their businesses, inside and out.