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Forward thinking solutions for multinational businesses in the banking, insurance and finance sectors


Transforming the financial services sector

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We’re working together with multi-national financial services companies to develop their digital strategies, giving them a new perspective to the solutions and services they offer to their customers, enabling them to drive business growth.

In the current global climate many organisations will have to demonstrate greater transparency, stability and control of risk, as well as a clear understanding of regulatory obligations. The focus on costs and investment will need to be balanced against the need to acquire and retain more customers, improving brand loyalty through differentiated products and a world class customer experience.

How we can help

Our deep experience of insurance, retail banking, investment banking and payment schemes can help you confront some of today’s key challenges.

  • How to deliver a return from innovation?
  • How to avoid disintermediation & embrace the all new mobile consumer?
  • How to harness the big data opportunity & turn it into competitive advantage through new propositions or services?
  • How to deliver a world-class customer experience without increasing operating costs?

  • From

    Fragmented processes, with high wastage & low customer satisfaction
  • To

    Streamlined transparent workflow & proactive customer comms
  • From

    Costly, manual transaction authentication leading to poor customer experience
  • To

    The ability to offer a never declined global card transaction proposition
  • From

    An insurance risk assessment model that uses the past to predict the future
  • To

    Dynamic risk assessment based on individuals driving behaviour
  • From

    Restrictive practices on the use of mobile in the trading environment
  • To

    Regulatory compliant recorded conversations on mobile devices
  • From

    Restrictive, high cost hardware based banking authentication solution
  • To

    A secure works anywhere mobile banking experience
  • From

    Limited opportunity to engage with customers outside of branch
  • To

    A mobile commerce & payments experience for your brand

How we can help

Creativity thinking, built on data

We deal with more than 600 million customers and the data they generate. Combined with our deep industry knowledge, this enables us to help our partners in the financial services sector bring to market differentiated products and services that delight the customer and secure loyalty. We’re enabling better fraud identification through data analytics and helping to improve productivity with employees staying connected in and out of the office or branch.

Specifically, through our solutions we can help you to:

A location within close proximity to other Asian countries. Singapore also has a large number of multi-national organisations based in the city-state itself. This complements our other Offices based in Australia, India, Fiji and New Zealand.

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