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The consumer goods industry is changing, as new technologies and new consumer expectations transform every stage of the traditional linear buying cycle. How can manufacturers and retailers deliver an outstanding consumer experience in this unpredictable new environment?

A glance at the news is all it takes to see that the consumer goods industry is in the middle of a fundamental transformation, for retailers and manufacturers alike.

This guide evaluates how technology is changing the buying decision making process across four stages:

  1. The pre-purchase stage: getting to know the individual
  2. The active evaluation stage: building relationships through relevance
  3. The purchase stage: personalising the purchase
  4. The post-purchase stage: closing the loop
"60% of shoppers expect the convergence of retail channels by 2014. More than half said that by 2020 physical stores in some categories will simply become showrooms for selecting and ordering products " Capgemini,


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