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The second instalment of our series of Insights Guides focuses on identifying the barriers to mHealth adoption in the political and economic environment.

The guide delivers insights into the policy themes affecting mHealth development and explores challenges facing mHealth from a funding perspective.

The guide covers three key topics:

  • A changing world: as mobile access begins to be the rule rather than the exception, the need for strong policies to avoid duplication of effort and interoperability is becoming ever more urgent.

  • The three pillars of mHealth policy: Globally, telemedicine and mHealth policy is still in its infancy, which policy themes can be distinguished for having the largest impact on mHealth development?

  • Following the money: funding incentives- and disincentives - mHealth must be properly funded and incentivised, where to start?

Through contributions from industry experts we pull together different perspectives and insights to create a comprehensive view of the range of policy and funding barriers to mHealth adoption.

"Practitioners feel that the pace and demand of mHealth on the ground is not being met by enabling policy, funding, and regulations at national and institutional levels" Patricia Mechael,

The Earth Institute, Columbia University