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Vodafone Global Enterprise can reduce the cost and complexity of managing your mobile communications.

Alongside these new technologies a whole host of mobile applications for business are being developed and launched by package application software vendors.

However, according to a recent study by Forrester Research, enterprises have been slow to adopt mobile applications beyond e-mail, calendar, contacts and field-based sales and service processes.

According to Forrester, custom-built mobile enterprise apps for specific business outcomes are most common. Yet historically, 27% have bought business apps from app stores and 24% used apps that are limited extensions of their enterprise applications. Many of these off-the-shelf mobile apps offer limited functionality, restricted platform choice and were designed for task workers with very specific features.

Over the next few years, mobile applications for enterprise business processes will change dramatically. Rapidly-evolving mobile technology, flexible platforms, open mobile operating systems and business app consumerisation will drive innovation. Enterprises will be able to deploy commercial-grade mobile application packages across all global business areas and achieve competitive advantage.

However, a number of critical business issues will need to be addressed. What about security? How do you manage your device portfolio? How do you control mobility costs? And how do you guarantee network coverage across all your global offices?

Vodafone Global Enterprise can reduce the cost and complexity of managing your mobile communications. This can be achieved by providing a consistent worldwide approach to device selection and helping reduce the complexity of managing your mobile communications.

Enterprises that provide remote workers with real-time mobile access to corporate data must also consider new security challenges. In addressing these, Vodafone Global Enterprise can support customers with more than two decades’ experience of security management through its core voice and data operations.

While mobility empowers a workforce to be ever-more innovative and flexible, managing costs can provide another challenge, particularly when dealing with thousands of users in different markets.

By working closely with nearly 600 multi-national companies, Vodafone Global Enterprise has evolved services and pricing structures that directly answer the business concerns of pricing, mobility management, culture change and security that organisations raise as they move to app-based enterprise mobility.