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Mobile working without constraint

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise allows your business to embrace mobile working without fear of unexpected roaming or mobile data charges. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of global organisations working across multiple devices and with growing mobile data requirements, including:

  • Freedom to roam across a global 4G network
  • One 4G plan across multiple devices
  • Always on the right tariff
  • Safe data, secure devices
  • Single supplier and contract
  • Manage your costs

You can choose from two variants of Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise:

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise, Security Edition

Getting started is straightforward with one simple contract across all countries. All of your employees are then placed onto the Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise, Security Edition plan. At the end of the first month, we simply assign each of them to the most efficient bundle for them. As their needs change we’ll automatically move them, based on actual usage, on a monthly basis – so you don’t have to do a thing.

Users travelling abroad simply pay a daily access fee, so they can continue to work abroad as they do at home. And we automatically apply these roaming options, so you don’t have to select and deselect them.

We will guide you to enrol your device fleet onto our Vodafone Secure Device Manager and set up the Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager policies across the company devices.

Bills are simple and have a consistent format, helping you compare costs and usage across countries. A centralised billing helpdesk is on hand to answer any queries. Tools are provided to help you manage and control your costs.

Having a single contract, direct with Vodafone Global Enterprise, eliminates the complexity of managing contracts country by country. With clear and consistent billing, you can now concentrate on what’s really important – your business.

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Vodafone Red Enterprise Bundles

To make sure you start with the right bundle for your needs, we create a company-wide usage profile based on your historical voice, data and international roaming usage. If you don’t have this data to hand, we can work with you to collect it. We design your voice and data bundle, based on company-wide average usage, and then add a 10% tolerance for those times when you exceed your predicted voice and data requirements. We establish a single, fixed price per user including voice, international roaming and data.

We’ll migrate all your employees over to Vodafone Red Enterprise Bundles, and they can start using it immediately. Your employees don’t have to take any action or change how they work, so they can get on with being productive.

You’ll receive a simple, predictable monthly bill. Every three months we’ll review your usage, so you have a clear insight into user behaviour. If your average usage over a three month period changes, we’ll simply adjust your bundle size for future months. We’ll never charge you retrospectively for going over your allowance.


Fully embrace flexible working



Take your home plan abroad to 46+ countries

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is available today in 9 countries:
Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

You can use your home tariff (from these countries) abroad in 46+ countries for a small daily access fee.