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Innovative, secure and cost-effective cloud-based recording solution

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires financial institutions to record and store all business communications made using company-issued mobile phones for a period of six months. We have created an innovative, secure and cost-effective cloud-based recording solution that will support the needs of customers who need to comply with these regulatory requirements. The Vodafone Network Mobile Recording service records Mobile Originating Calls, Mobile Terminating Calls and SMS traffic.

How it works

Your authorised users log in to a secure web-based browser to access recordings. There are a number of search options that can be implemented to locate a particular recording, including grouping by activity and searching by date, time, third-party and user number. Records can also be tagged and comments added in order to aid search and investigation. The service captures both outbound and inbound voicemail calls.

No additional hardware or telephony infrastructure is required - and you don't need to train users. On a technical level, it requires no change to your mobile numbers or SIMs.

Hosting is provided in multiple, accredited, tier 1 data centres. Our hosted service has a migratory path to a hybrid/premise based solution. The six-month data storage facilities can be extended as necessary.



Cost-effective and fast to implement

In an independent report released to coincide with the announcement of the new regulations, the financial services consultants Biss Research said many financial services firms were not "sufficiently engaging" in mobile phone recording and risked missing the regulatory deadlines set by regulators.

The report also highlighted a misconception over costs saying that many firms' estimates of the costs of implementing a recording system were "millions over the mark".

Vodafone Network Mobile Recording is a cloud-based hosted service that is cost-effective and fast to implement. Pricing is based on a per-user licence and service delivery is normally within five days. You don't need to install any additional hardware or telephony infrastructure.

The range of device management tools are available to secure the application and each SIM will only work with the recording-enabled handset. Our data centre facilities are accredited and hosting is provided in multiple tier 1 data centres. Our six-month data storage facilities are extendable