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Maximum efficiency for mobile voice and data

You know that mobility can be a powerful tool for increasing employee productivity and business agility. But the costs associated with mobility can be unpredictable. Each employee uses voice and data differently – and in many cases, their usage can fluctuate dramatically from month to month and from device to device. It’s almost impossible to predict these changes with any accuracy at an individual level. And, while an individual’s usage may change a lot, chances are that your organisation’s total voice and data usage is fairly stable each month. That’s why we have developed Vodafone Enterprise Bundles.

It gives you a single pool of minutes or megabytes, which can be shared across all employees, for a fixed price per month. Tailored to the overall communications needs of your business, it’s simple, predictable and efficient and enables you to control your voice and data costs.

How it works

To make sure you start with the right bundle for your needs, we create a company-wide usage profile based on your historical voice and data usage. If you don’t have this data to hand, we can work with you to collect it. We design your voice and data bundle, based on the average user, and then add a 10% tolerance for those times when you exceed your predicted voice and data requirements. We establish a single, fixed price per user for voice and another for data.

We’ll migrate all your employees over to Enterprise Voice and Data Bundles, and they can start using it immediately. They don’t have to take any action or change how they work, so they can get on with being productive. You’ll receive a simple, predictable monthly bill. Every three months we’ll review your usage, so you have a clear insight into user behaviour. If your average usage usage over a three-month period exceeds the amount of voice and data we’ve agreed, we’ll simply adjust your bundle size for future months. We’ll never charge you retrospectively for going over your allowance.


Keeping it simple

Vodafone Enterprise Bundles provide a highly efficient way of managing mobile usage across the organisation. You get a single bundle of minutes and megabytes that is shared by all employees. So there are no wasted allowances or penalty overage charges. Your price is guaranteed for up to six months, which means you can accurately forecast your communications budget – and there's no bill shock. With a single, easy-to-manage plan for all your users, you reduce the administration cost of moving users between plans and bundles.

Cost control is easy because you get a single per-user price that’s guaranteed for up to six months, with no retrospective overage charges, so you can predict your voice and data spend and avoid bill shock.

We bring together multiple voice and data tariffs, giving you a single price. You no longer need to manage multiple tariffs, and get a simple bill at the end of the month. Because all your users share a company-wide bundle, individual wastage and overage charges are eliminated, giving you the best value for money. And by removing restrictions on staff mobility, you'll encourage flexible, productive working, without the threat of a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.

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