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Smart ways to manage business devices

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the world of mobile technology. They've also transformed the way businesses operate. We can empower your people to use them more effectively and collaboratively - without compromising corporate data security. We can provide you with the devices of your choice across a range of platforms and operating systems while ensuring that your device environment is correctly managed and controlled.

Vodafone Global Enterprise has an extensive range of mobile handsets to support your business requirements. We have a wide range of smartphones and a number of tablets, dongles and mobile Wi-Fi devices. We provide services to keep you connected when you're out of the office. We make sure your data is secure on your mobile handset or an employee’s personal device. And we offer competitive tariffs for voice and data usage.

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Simple management across brands and systems worldwide

The popularity of smartphones and tablets means that more and more employees want to use their own devices for work as well as personal tasks. The challenge is to give your people real-time mobile access to your organisation's applications and data while maintaining security and compliance with corporate policies.

Through effective enterprise mobility management, we can give you visibility and control of all your smart devices. You can apply your enterprise security and IT policies to every device that connects to your network - whether the devices are owned by your business or the users themselves.

We make it simple to order, procure and manage devices across all the key mobile operating systems, such as Apple IoS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. We also handle all popular device brands and models.

The Vodafone global mobile network covers 24 markets, extended to 80 countries via partners, including our 4G network in over 15 countries. As one of the world’s largest mobile operators, we work with all the key brands and manufacturers to optimise the deployment of new handset models. We regularly review and refresh our range to ensure it meets the needs of our multinational customers.

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Practical support wherever you need it

We can help you streamline the ordering and management of mobile devices across your global organisation. We can provide centralised billing, ordering, helpdesk-to-helpdesk, expense and mobile security services to simplify the management of your device infrastructure across international boundaries.

Through our Professional Service – Device Strategy & Migration - we can work with you to determine the right devices and operating systems to meet different user needs and profiles across your organisation. This ensures your employees are empowered with the right devices to work more effectively.

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Take control of your device fleet

Device Manager gives you complete central control of your device fleet. It allows you to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your mobile devices
  • Monitor all your mobile devices 24/7
  • Install software and applications remotely to thousands of users within minutes anywhere in the world
  • Query devices over the air and effectively diagnose and resolve issues.

Ensure all devices are totally secure and that only the latest software and applications are used.

Technical requirements

Device Manager is hosted in a secure environment in Germany. Our system is network agnostic and designed to be used over any network footprint for deployment.

No additional hardware or software is required. Users simply install the client software on the mobile device over the air so it can then be monitored and controlled remotely by your own IT help desk. You simply pay a small fee per user per month. If your employees experience an issue on their mobile device.

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