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Tablet PCs have captured the imagination of employees and IT teams alike. Our employees are no different. We undertook a trial of tablets for business use to fully understand enterprise challenges relating to procurement, connectivity, logistics, spending and security.

Our Tablet Trial was based on a three month placement of 105 units of the market-dominant iPad with Vodafone Global Enterprise employees. The research had the following objectives:


  • Establish the profile of users for whom tablets add most business value
  • Identify areas of complexity when managing the enterprise tablet lifecycle
  • Inform knowledge of network usage and likely spending patterns

Key findings

  • Of the active trial participants, more than a third volunteered to participate using personal devices – validating the consumerization trend.
  • The tablet was best suited to highly-mobile and partially-mobile presenters Productivity gains of between 3-5 hours per week were realised during traditional downtime. (eg breaks between meetings or travelling)
  • 91% of participants saw tablets as a supplement rather than a replacement for their laptops. Data usage benchmarks revealed that participants consumed an average of 250-300 MB of cellular data per month.
  • The average user downloaded 39 apps.
  • Social networking tools proved to be an effective platform for employees to support one another, reducing the number of requests to centralised support functions.
  • Corporate data security emerged as an important concern for participants

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