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Delivering growth, efficiency and return on investment

Whatever you need from your customer contact strategy, we can help. Bluefish is a professional services organisation that is part of Vodafone Global Enterprise. We help customers expand their existing contact centre operations, deploy new communications applications - even set up an entirely new contact centre from scratch.

The Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot delivers a long-term strategy underpinned by a high-level business case. In addition, by using a structured methodology the Contact Centre Snapshot quantifies the potential cost, service benefits, risks and return on investment of a Contact Centre strategy, enabling your organisation to make informed Contact Centre planning decisions in a cost effective manner.

How it works

Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot helps you understand the potential commercial, operational and technical benefits of contact centre applications and services. You will be able to identify the key challenges that influence your interaction with customers. You will understand the enablers and inhibitors for the contact centre within your organisation. And you will identify tactical actions and a strategic roadmap.

We provide a detailed written report that enables you to understand how customer behaviour is changing and develop a long-term plan to respond to this. It will help you discover how to use advanced communication applications and create a high-level business case for implementation of your strategy, including estimated ROI.


The smart way to develop your customer contact strategy

Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot is a proven way to achieve your long-term contact centre objectives. Our consultants help you establish a long-term strategy, improving both customer service and contact centre efficiency. You will emerge from the process with a sound understanding of contact centre ROI and will be well placed to mitigate the risk of old technologies within your organisation. You will be better able to identify risks and opportunities, and equipped to protect and enhance your brand through an effective customer experience strategy.

"The Bluefish report allowed us to identify the optimum solution to improve service and at a lower price than the vendors" Director, UK Insurer

A practical approach with clear objectives

Our unique methodology helps you define and realise your contact centre strategy. Its five stages ensure a practical approach: startup; business review; data analysis; strategy development; and report.

By consulting with key individuals across your organisation, we assess your potential use of contact centre applications and services and clarify the benefits you can expect. Focusing on hard benefits and key performance measures, we assemble a detailed business case to support your strategy. This establishes a set of specific, prioritised stages that will minimise risk and help you maximise benefits.

Our experienced IT consultants and programme managers are experts in the planning and delivery of integrated IT and communications solutions, including hosted services.

See how we can help you identify the efficiencies and cost savings by using The Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot services