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Easy to use for you and your customers

Vodafone Process Tracker allows you to use a combination of text messaging, email and automatically updated, personal web pages, to advise your customers and any third parties of the key stages of complex applications. It is particularly suitable for mortgages, loans, insurance claims and legal applications.

Vodafone Process Tracker helps you communicate better with customers, become more productive and obtain vital management information - while cutting your day-to-day costs.

Valuable information you can act on

It also provides business critical, real-time management information that will help you fully understand the current state of the pipeline, identify the levels of new application business, monitor customer communications and spot processing traffic jams before they become a customer service issue.

Comic process tracker

Whatever the process, Vodafone Process Tracker can help simplify workflow

Improve your Business Process

Process Tracker – How it works


Cut costs and improve service

Specifically developed to make the customer journey through applications as easy and efficient as possible, Vodafone Process Tracker includes a set of simple tools that allows your staff to focus on application processing with minimal customer interruption. They don't have to spend unnecessary time on the phone dealing with non-urgent chaser calls - in or out-bound.

Process Tracker is proven to deliver compelling cost savings and service improvements in regulated, high volume environments like Financial Services, Health Care and the Public Sector. We do this by flexibly and intelligently joining up functions and processes, which are often separate or disjointed – workflow, SLAs, communications and reporting.

ROI within 12 months

Vodafone Process Tracker stops up to 65% of in-bound calls from customers chasing the progress of their applications, and out-bound calls chasing additional information. It also allows you to significantly reduce postal communications. It improves customer service levels, increases process efficiencies and productivity, while reducing operational costs. You can expect to recover full ROI within 12 months.

Here are some examples where Process Tracker has helped our customers

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