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Choose the right infrastructure for your customer interactions

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As consumers become more demanding, and engage with organisations over multiple channels at home and on the move, Contact Centres need to become more agile and flexible.

We work with organisations across sectors and countries to improve consumer experience, increase agent productivity and reduce costs and risks.

This starts by helping you choose the right contact centre functionality to manage all your customer interactions. It enables you to open new ways to market and to improve customer service.

As a cloud based contact centre, our solution brings you key benefits, including the flexibility to add channels, improved customer service and reduce operating and capital costs.

Not surprisingly, we are the world’s largest hosted service provider for Cisco-based contact centres, a Cisco Gold Partner and Managed Services Master.


How it works

Vodafone Contact Centre is based on industry standard platforms from leading vendors. It encompasses voice-only call centres, multi-channel contact centres handling inbound and outbound voice calls, emails, web interactions (such as chat and page sharing), and automated transactions using speech recognition applications.

By using open standards, Contact Centre works with a range of third-party call centre applications such as workforce management and interaction recording, and can integrate with your existing customer databases and CRM system.

Vodafone Contact Centre also supports legacy call centre platforms, ensuring you make the most of your existing investment while migrating smoothly to a full IP-based infrastructure.


Our consultants have the experience to understand your challenges, assess your situation and give you the right answers. Above all we promise to listen, and help you migrate to become a digital organisation.



Transform the customer experience

We help you go beyond efficient contact with customers and enable you to engage with them more effectively. Personalising the customer experience builds longer lasting relationships, so we offer innovations such as our multiple channel platform, which lets your customers choose how they get in touch with you. By integrating our contact centre systems with powerful analytical and reporting tools, we help you respond appropriately to each customer contact and gain maximum value from the relationship.

Our technology can unite your front and back offices, allowing you to deploy staff to meet peaks in demand. It can also make sure callers always speak to the most knowledgeable person – resulting in shorter interactions and more satisfied customers.

We offer on-demand pricing that ensures you only pay for the services you actually use. We help you reduce total cost of ownership and maximise your return on investment. You can make the most of your existing call centre assets, while charting a path to adaptable, future-proof solutions. By hosting your call centre on our resilient, dependable network, we can ease the burden on your budget, and improve quality of service.


The flexibility you need

Vodafone Contact Centre lets you choose the right contact centre functionality to manage all your customer interactions, across multiple channels. It enables you to easily open new channels to market, improve your customer service and reduce costs.

As a cloud contact centre, the hosted nature brings you key benefits, including the flexibility to add more channels, improved customer service and reduced operating and capital costs.

Vodafone Contact Centre helps you to:

  • Handle interactions from one service
  • Improve First Call Resolution and Net Promoter Scores
  • Transform customers’ experience with new channels – web, IM, SMS and email are fully integrated with existing voice queues
  • Offer self-service and assisted service options
  • Integrate other applications, such as CRM and workforce management
  • Replace multiple sources of information with centralised management reporting
  • Consolidate sites, place agents in any location, and route to the best qualified agents to reduce costs
  • Deal with peak demand effectively