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Helping you give customers the service they expect

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Customer demands are changing – and businesses must adapt fast. Moving beyond simple phone calls, customers are taking matters into their own hands and turning to their friends, the web and social media to find answers. Your brand increasingly depends on how you handle their interactions and manage their experience.

Give contact centre agents the tools they need

A good contact centre agent can be your most influential brand ambassador. So you have to equip them with the technology and insight they need to provide personalised communications in the channels that customers prefer.

Cloud solutions give agents access to new capabilities and channels on demand - and let you scale up and down quickly as your needs change.

We offer a range of contact centre solutions, whether on-premise or cloud-based, to help streamline call centre operations and integrate new customer channels, such as text messaging, email, webchat and social media.

In addition Vodafone Process Tracker is an innovative web platform that allows you to streamline complex customer processes (eg mortgage or credit card applications) using mobile, SMS, email and online automation.

Products and Solutions

Customer Experience Solutions

How we can help you

Our contact centre solutions are cost-effective, easy to implement and flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. We always focus on improving the customer experience, increasing staff productivity and reducing costs through streamlined processes.

Business process improvement

We'll help you improve your business processes using a proven transition methodology to deliver a high quality, consistent end user experience. Using our proven track record of delivering large and complex contact solutions we can help you reduce operating costs as well as providing a more responsive service to your customers.

Professional Services

Specialist expertise to transform your contact centre performance

We work with organisations in many sectors and countries to improve customer experience, increase staff productivity and reduce costs and risks.

Improving Customer Experience

We can help your organisation engage with your customers in a more effective and personalised manner, helping to build longer lasting relationships. We offer innovations such as our multiple channel platform, which lets your customers choose how they get in touch with you.

By integrating our contact centre systems with powerful analytical and reporting tools, we’ll help you respond appropriately to each customer contact and gain maximum value from the relationship.

Our technology can unite your front and back offices, allowing you to deploy staff to meet peaks in demand. It can also make sure callers always speak to the most knowledgeable person – resulting in shorter calls and more satisfied customers.

Reducing costs and risk

Cost-effectiveness and high quality can go hand in hand so we offer on-demand pricing that ensures you only pay for the services you actually use. We also help you reduce total cost of ownership and maximise your return on investment. You can maximise the value of your existing call centre assets, while charting a path to adaptable, future-proof solutions. By hosting your call centre on our resilient, dependable Vodafone networks with Contact Centre, we can ease the burden on your budget, and improve quality of service.

Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot

So whether your organisation is looking to expand an existing Contact Centre, deploy new communications applications, or develop an entirely new Contact Centre operation from scratch, the Bluefish Contact Centre Snapshot can help.

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