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Persona is achieved by integrating an infrastructure of sensors, actuators, smart and intelligent textiles, user devices, user interfaces, user interaction, and external information systems across three different environments: the user's body, through a body area network (BAN); the user's home as the core space; and the local neighbourhood.


Pilots have already been completed in Italy, Spain and Denmark. They have proven so successful that several new projects and associations have joined Persona, including commercial technological developers and European Commission-funded organisations specialising in using ICT to support elderly citizens.


The overarching benefit is to sustain quality of life for the elderly and alleviate the socio-economic burden of ageing populations on societies and governments.

Specifically, Persona solutions aim to deliver four key benefits:

  • Social integration
    Alleviating loneliness and isolation
  • Daily activity support
    Making it easier to perform daily tasks and activities inside and outside the home
  • Safety and protection
    Creating a living environment where individuals feels safe and secure
  • Mobility
    Giving individuals more confidence while outside their homes

Workflow description

There are many applications available within the overall solution. Here is a brief description of how they work.

  • Health management
    Doctors use a remote web application to prompt users to take medications.
  • Agenda and reminders
    Users are automatically sent an event agenda that tells them when an event is coming.
  • Risk and emergency management
    Provides support to users in trouble, either by detecting if the user is unconscious or following an abnormal behavior, or by responding to a panic button alert.
  • Help when outside
    Relatives or caregivers are alerted if the user leaves a predefined “secure area”, misses an appointment, or walks in a random path.
  • Nutritional advisor
    Provides menus and nutritional advice. Experts can edit information and consult with users.
  • Neighbourhood virtual community
    Provides chat and video communications with relatives, caregivers and other users.
  • Automatic management for comfort and security
    Controls the user’s environment, adapting it to predefined limits. It also activates alarms when emergencies are sensed.
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