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The continued rise in workforce mobility coupled with the growing number of channels which streams of corporate information now move through has increased the threats to enterprise data security. To afford employees the freedom and confidence to work wherever and whenever they choose while protecting sensitive corporate information, robust security solutions have become essential for all modern enterprises.

"Mobile web browsing could overtake desktop internet usage as early as 2014, according to industry forecasts" Mary Meeker,


As the BYOD trend of combining work and personal devices continues to grow, enterprises without a robust mobile security strategy are likely to find themselves fire-fighting the consequences of increased security breaches. These originate from a growing variety of sources, from botnets and malware to unintended data leaks.

Similarly, the rapidly-growing number of devices and endpoints result in an increased risk of sensitive information being exposed to new security threats.

Specifically designed to support the confident deployment of mobile and flexible working solutions, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager provides full protection against cyber threats such as malware and botnets, as well as blocking inappropriate web content.

Reassuringly for both managers and employees, users are protected whenever or wherever in the world they connect to the internet via mobile or WiFi networks.

Unlike many similar solutions, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager is fully cloud-based, which means there’s no impact on device performance and no need for cumbersome on-device updates. The inherent flexibility of the solution allows administrators to seamlessly increase or decrease security controls according to their requirements and policies.

Delivered by Vodafone Global Enterprise and enabled by cyber security specialists BAE Systems Detica, Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager allows enterprises of all types and sizes to protect corporate data – wherever in the world their employees operate.

Ultimately, this removes some of the historic restrictions associated with corporate mobile security, resulting in a compliant, connected and protected workforce.

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For an in-depth assessment of your company’s mobility security landscape – including recommendations on how to close any significant risk exposures – why not consider our dedicated Vodafone Mobility Security Assessment

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