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In a rapidly changing world, many CIOs are going above and beyond their traditional calling and making decisions that not only support their business, but also help drive it forward. They are encouraging new ways of working and enabling digital innovation right across their organisations. The task for all is not a minor one; to reshape the business in today’s challenging operating environment.

However, our research shows that some multinational organisations are lacking the confidence that they can achieve bolder IT decisions, which could ultimately make or break their future business success. 93% of decision makers see IT as a driver of innovation, yet only 48% feel confident that their IT organisation can adapt to the changing business needs over the next few years1.

In this report, we look at the pressures on global businesses living through this rapid change, and how the CIO is changing with it. What are CIOs facing, and what are the bold strategic steps needed to be ready to meet the challenges in co-operation with existing and newly emerging stakeholders.

The report looks at:

  1. Disruption is all around us – why every MNC needs to stand up and listen
  2. Making Bolder IT decisions starts from within
  3. Lose the tradition and begin the Shift to a multi-level IT strategy
  4. Don’t go it alone – bolder IT decisions are made in Partnership