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Controlling costs and simplifying management of mobile communications

Business need

Operating in a highly competitive international market, Whirlpool is always looking to reduce the cost of operations. One area it looked to target was mobile communications. For a multinational organisation, international mobile calls can be a significant expense. Whirlpool was managing multiple contracts across different countries, an approach which can often be inefficient and result in missed opportunities for cost savings. It decided to review its mobile communications across Europe and find a single supplier that could provide a consistent level of service.

" The fact that we signed a renewal for three years is a statement of our trust in the relationship with Vodafone Global Enterprise. There is a strong partnership that is a win-win for both companies. " Michael Rank,

Director of Indirect Procurement and Capital Acquitision, Europe

The solution

In place of multiple contracts with different providers, Whirlpool now has a single Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Vodafone Global Enterprise, managed from its European headquarters in Italy. The agreement covers voice and data communications for Whirlpool employees in 16 European countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. It includes voice calls, BlackBerry devices and Vodafone Mobile Connect data cards that enable staff to stay connected with their laptops when working remotely.

Key customer benefits

  • Vodafone Global Enterprise provided a single Master Service Agreement(MSA) for Whirlpool across multiple countries, simplifying management and improving visibility.
  • Vodafone Global Enterprise has helped Whirlpool to reduce costs, with year-on-year reductions, and an additional 10% saving expected due to process optimisation.
  • Vodafone Global Enterprise has provided its Spend Manager Professional tool, which enables Whirlpool to closely monitor and control its mobile spend in one centralised tool.