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Maintaining the momentum and emotive quality of the car-buying process from initial enquiry to transaction.

A multi-national car manufacturer recognised that car buyers walking into a dealership are not always ready to take a test drive and the static format of a printed brochure can’t quite bring the propositions to life. Once the decision to purchase has been made, taking a customer off the showroom floor to sit at a desk in front of a PC for the remainder of the sales process can “kill the passion” involved in buying a car.

The manufacturer was looking to create the ultimate showroom experience for its prospective customers and increase conversion rates. It acknowledged the potential of tablets to inspire and inform customers, whatever their stage of the purchasing journey.

"Buying a car is an emotional journey and putting customers in front of a PC disrupts that process. The tablet makes the experience more dynamic and interactive by enabling content to be accessed on the showroom floor." Curtis Barker,

Innovation Champion, Asia Pacific, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone Global Enterprise is developing a managed tablet strategy that includes dedicated applications integrated with the customer’s back-end IT infrastructure and data. The tablet solution will enable the staff within the dealership to support the end-to-end sales process in a more fluid and responsive way.