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Applying for a store credit card can be time consuming. It can also lead to queues at the point of payment, negatively affecting customer satisfaction and sales performance.

The customer was keen to explore the use of tablets with a browser to innovate the store card application process and approached Vodafone Global Enterprise for a solution. We determined that a custom application would better serve their needs by providing enhanced functionality and security as well as the potential to reduce fraud. We brought in an innovation partner that specialises in novel technology applications for the business processes that underpin retail execution strategies.

"Using a tablet in the retail environment to process store card applications is a flexible, secure, convenient way to carry out what has traditionally been a time-consuming process. It’s a win-win-win outcome for the consumer, the retailer and the finance provider alike." Michael Poonan,

Innovation Champion, Business Solutions Manager, Australia

The solution is based on our Managed Tablet and Device Manager propositions, and enables the retail assistant to complete the end-to-end process of store card applications on the shop floor rather than from behind a counter.

The retail assistant can take a photograph of the applicant for ID purposes, which supports fraud prevention, and if the customer applies for another store card, their details are automatically retrieved. If the customer has a near field communications (NFC) enabled phone, they can simply swipe it and their details will be populated on the tablet. For security purposes, sensitive personal data is not stored on the tablet itself, and thanks to Vodafone Device Manager, the tablet can be remotely locked or wiped in the event of loss or theft to prevent unauthorised use. Fraud can be reduced by the ability to clear the data cache through a custom application.

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