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A significant barrier to full exploitation of tablet devices is the lack of ability to store, access and share documents.

Users often send company confidential documents to themselves via unsecure email providers, or use cloud storage services to be able to access content on the move. While such cloud services may be suitable for personal use, they pose significant security concerns to the enterprise, compounded by inadequate service level agreements (SLAs) behind data management and protection.

To determine the practicalities of administering a file transfer and collaborative working solution from an enterprise point of view, an internal pilot study was set up with 50 Managed Tablet users. The trial set out to evaluate the usability of the product across desktop and mobile devices, and whether it would modify user behaviour around file storage and transfer by replacing the use of network shared drives, emails and consumer cloud solutions for this purpose.

"As part of the managed tablet proposition, business-grade cloud storage offers a practical, secure way for tablet users to store, access and collaborate on documents without compromising enterprise data." Neil Jervis,

Programme Manager, Central Innovation Team, UK, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Ease of use of the solution scored highly across most operating systems and almost nine out of ten respondents said they agreed or strongly agreed that the solution was well suited to making files available to their tablet devices.

The trial also indicated a correlation between use of cloud storage and lower use of network sharing, potentially offsetting cloud storage costs with a reduction in network storage cost.