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For one of the world’s leading general insurers, being ready means working flexibly and collaborating globally.

Business Need

With three offices across London, all with fixed desks, offices for senior staff members and over 10 kilometres of paper lying around, the business decided it was time to consolidate their space, by moving to one building. A big part of the move, was to remain in the city square mile, at the heart of the insurance industry, which is why RSA Group moved to the iconic Walkie Talkie building.

“We had over 1,000 people based in our London offices, but we were actually coming together in a smaller space. To maximise that space we’d have to implement different ways of working in order for us to fit people in and from a cost perspective as well.” Jenny Burns,

Group Communications, Brand and Social Media Director, RSA Group

RSA Group wanted to step away from a traditional work environment and embrace a more digital way of working.


Vodafone provided LAN, WAN and back office telephony, and secured connectivity through its Secure Gateway solution. Wireless LAN, based on Cisco Unified Access, was installed. Employees were given new laptops to access Wi-Fi anywhere in the building and introduced better ways of working at RSA Group UK headquarters in London.


  • Using collaboration tools and flexible working, RSA Group has seen a 37% reduction in email traffic.
  • RSA Group recycled 10 kilometres of paper from the old building and using electronic devices and Wi-Fi, the business has reduced printing dramatically.
  • Employees are much more flexible and can log on to the network anywhere in the office, on the move, or from home.
  • Collaboration across the UK, and globally, has increased thanks to Vodafone connectivity and better ways of working.

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