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Business need

Previously, Panalpina’s mobile communications were managed on a country by country basis with multiple contracts and multiple suppliers. With a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, this represented an opportunity to streamline its global communications infrastructure, generate efficiencies and improve cost visibility and control.

"We know that overall, our spend has been reduced by 20 to 30%, depending on the territory, which represents a significant savings."Hugues Brokhe,

Head of Telephony and Telecommunications, Panalpina Group

The solution

Panalpina signed a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Vodafone Global Enterprise, which initially covered four countries but has since been extended to 28, with the potential for further expansion. More than 3,700 connections are now covered by the agreement and supported by a dedicated 24/7 call centre team. A Global Account Manager provides a single point of contact for Panalpina, supported by native-speaking National Account Managers.

Key customer benefits

  • Delivered savings on mobile communication spend of 20 to 30% with further savings predicted as the solution is implemented in more countries.
  • Roaming costs between countries under the MSA are transparent and consistent with global data plans also helping to reduce costs.
  • Global benchmarking, inherent within the MSA, also ensures Panalpina gets the best possible tariffs.
  • Assisted by the use of Vodafone Spend Manager, Panalpina now has greater control of its mobile communications and visibility of costs.
  • The use of a standard portfolio of devices has simplified procurement processes, while billing is now streamlined and transparent, with administration reduced.
  • A dedicated Global Account Manager provides a single point of contact responsible for overall customer satisfaction and account strategy as well as delivery against global targets.